“I had suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain for almost thirty years but I didn’t realize the extent of my pain until it was gone. After just two adjustments my pain was virtually gone! It was such a tremendous relief. I have had chiropractic care in the past but nothing that was a lasting fix. This feels great! Thanks Doc.”

“Many thanks to Dr. Rose and his staff. I injured my back during a cement construction project to the extent I could barely walk, and in constant pain. They were able to bring me in immediately and begin treatments. After about ten days I was able to go backpacking- although I did have to take it easy. Now I’m feeling great.”

“I felt miserable and couldn’t get in and out of my car without hurting. Now I feel fine-like a new man- almost.”

“I came to Dr. Rose after receiving an injury similar to whiplash. I was in great pain and unable to turn my head side to side. Before now I wasn’t quite sure of chiropractic, now I believe in it totally. I feel so much better and I recommend Dr. Rose to everyone. His office staff is super and the doctor is very patient and caring with everyone.”

“I thought I would have to live with headaches from a concussion in 1994. My mother recommended Dr. Rose and I’m glad she did. After three or four treatments I haven’t had a headache and have never felt better. He’s cares more about his patients than any doctor I’ve been to.”

“I have been seeing Dr. Rose for a long time. Not only is he, by far, the best Chiropractor I have ever been to, he is also someone who truly cares about you as a person. He is always more than willing to help, to listen, to offer advice in all matters of your health and well-being.

He is very knowledgeable, compassionate and kind. He is also just a lot of fun! Always finds a way to brighten your day and help relieve your troubles!”

“This man, this man right here; not only performs miracles, but has also survived miracles. I have never met a doctor more personable and more caring than Dr. Rose. He brought my pain threshold down from off the charts, to less than a 1. I can now work again with minimal-to no pain. Thank you Dr. Rose. You are the best! I will be coming to get adjustments once a month because now I understand the importance spinal care.”